Samples of our work
Below are recent websites either already launched, or presently in production (as we say, "under-construction").
Please feel free to go to these sites, look under the hood, kick the tires and look around. 

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Created a custom website for Keilyn for her e-commerce business Life Force Training or
LiFT for short

"Personal training for the soul"

The website contains many interactive functions. There are videos, a shopping cart, e-books, feedback/survey (fill in) forms, contact pages, PDF downloads, photo-galleries, product offerings etc etc etc

Take a look!



Whether you are into automobiles or not, take a look at this website.  Evan Hale is a extremely skilled, gifted mechanic and craftsman.  He restores, races and invents innovative performance improvements for all kinds of vehicles.

The website contains a very large amount of images as well as a few videos.
Working with an incredibly powerful, talented and skilled professional.  We built a “branding” site for her. 

We also performed a major SEO on the site (Search Engine Optimization). In ANY major search engine  (Google, bing, yahoo) key in "Gena Palm" and see the results! We are very proud of our SEO efforts. 

Let us design your site so we can place an image of your new home page right here!

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Currently we are about 50% done with this website. Renee Maira provides assistance to people to overcome physical and physiological roadblocks. She also is a model, actress and spokesperson.

It is a very comprehensive effort for Renee’s career.  Since she is so multi-talented, with a history of success in several fields, it has been a challenging (and fun) task to build her new website.  At this writing, it is not public  but will be a huge website with tons of content for Renee’s clients and fans to peruse. Come back and view!

Click Here to view some of our Creative work, crafted for our custom websites
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