Why is Branding so important?
Different than most website designers, we strongly want to make sure your website and e-mail correspondence constantly reflects your Brand (along with your Blogs and Social Media efforts).  If you already have a logo and some or a lot of Branding effort, we will strive to make sure the website reflects your and your business's Branding.   Note: If you have a chance, view our Custom e-mail section of our web sire.  There is information contained as to "Branding" your e-mail correspondence.
If you do not already have a logo, we can give you some designs to consider included in our fee.  If you like our work/design, we will send you, as e-mail attachments, high quality images of your new logo that you can utilize with other parts of your business (stationary, business cards, brochures, handouts etc).  If you need camera ready printed images for a printer to shoot, for a few dollars (our cost) we can send those to you.  95% of the time your printer can work with the high quality images we electronically send to you. 
When we speak on the phone for the first time:
--we will ask about you past and current Branding efforts? (if none that is fine.  We can start the Branding effort)
--we will want to know if you have a current website?
--we will want to know if you already have an official logo?  (do you want one?)
--are there websites out on the Internet that you like (their style, Branding, color combinations, image types)? 
Our questions are based to ascertain what are the website and Branding requirements you desire to have?
Our bottom-line goal is to have you succeed.  If you succeed, then we succeed!  We will always work with you to provide the best consistent looking Branding possible!
Social Media
We will work with you to make sure your social media efforts work in concert with you website marketing.  Again, we want all aspects of how you succeed to match your Brand.
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