Custom E-mail account
You will get an e-mail account with your new website (no extra charge). You can have up to three unique e-mail addresses for your use.   The Internet Service Provider (ISP) we are using for your website hosting, provides private/secure e-mail for your site.    We will instruct you as to how to access/use it.  It is pretty simple to use.  If you have PC/Mac word processing skills, you may not even need our tutorial.   We can add your logo and contact information to the bottom of your e-mails where you wish to make a good first impression,   
We can also add your signature (like mine below) that can be included or not included in your e-mails. . Inclusion or a logo, contact information and your signature can make your e-mails look extremely professional indeed! 

Below is an example of a signature, logo and contact information, we crafted for e-mail use.  Small things like inclusion of a signature, logo and contact information help strengthen that first impression (you only get once)c of your business/service and its Branding.


Gregory (Greg) Gates
7083 SW Montauk Circle
Lake Oswego, OR  97035
503-598-1922  Best Phone Contact
503-490-2535  Cell

Once you pick your Domain Name, we can set up your custom e-mail.  You will have to decide what you want to use for your new e-mail address?  (what-ever-you-want-2-call-yourself)  Many of our customers choose two e-mail addresses.  They pick one for (1) professional use and another (2) for personal use (so they can get off of their generic g-mail, yahoo or iCloud e-mail providers).
Forwarding e-mail addresses on your website
We can add unique e-mail addresses to your website pages, that will transparently "forward" to your regular e-mail address.  In that manner will know which web page/section of your website, the prospective customer was viewing when they e-mailed you.  This e-mail address will forward to my regular e-mail address
    copy/paste into your e-mail
Examples  All of the following e-mail addresses could be transparently "forwarded" to your every day e-mail in-box.
Custom Log in and Password
Once set up, you will log in to your custom e-mail account using your e-mail address(es) and a password of your choice.
The E-mail workspace
We will setup your workspace e-mail desk-top for you to use if you wish.  
The “workspace” interphase is REALLY easy, neat and clean.  Composing e-mails is much like Microsoft Word or Outlook for its formatting.  Your e-mails will have a VERY professional look/feel for your outgoing e-mail correspondence. The workspace allows for "folders" that you create to file various incoming e-mails for future use of follow-up. You could have for example a folder for each of your customers. 
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail!  copy/paste into your e-mail 
Another example of a "forwarding" e-mail address,
The e-mail address above is an example of how the forwarding e-mail address concept works! We will know your e-mail generated from this page.
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