Our creative work with images, artwork and video
On this page we display a small portion of creative work we have crated for customers.  Scrolling down you can visualize the quality and sometimes uniqueness of our efforts.  Possibly you will see an idea/concept here that you might like on your custom website? Let us know.   
Animated images
We can create animated images for your website or e-mail. 
Maybe you want to highlight your products in an animated way?
Unique custom buttons for page links
Any website can have links to it's other pages using the simple "text" hyper-links.  Like these:
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But here we display some of the custom buttons we have crated for customers to put a "pop" to their web pages!
Social Media
We can craft your social media links in any size (small or large):
We can craft an actual signature for your website or e-mail.  We will make sure the background color of the communication is the EXACT match to the background color of the signature.
Images of Beautiful Oregon  No particular reason, just wanted to show you some of Beautiful Oregon!
Click on the image to see a larger version of the image (worth doing/truly beautiful!!!)

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Adding video to your website is no problem.  Maybe you want to enhance a product or your message with a video?
Logo Design
We can craft/create logos from scratch for you, if you do not have one. OR  we can enhance your already designed logo. 
Below are examples of both.

Background color for the logo
using color from
the Caterpiller equipment
Product images
You provide the raw images of your products.  Don't worry about sizing or format.  We will work with them to make them consistent for your website.
Bussiness Cards
Under construction signs
While we craft your website greatest-bussiness-ever.com we will add a fun image to the temporary home page.  With that method, potential clients will know your new website is "coming soon".
website headers/banners
Some website owners want a consistent "header" at the top of each web page to enhance their Branding efforts.  We will work with you to craft a unique header for you that reflects your Brand.
Custom images
We craft lots ands lots of custom images for our customers.  You will see that when you view some of our websites. Whatever you need we will strive to craft it for you.  We want your website to stand out!
And of course we can add humor when appropriate.  You see lots of examples of pour "humorous" work on Greg's FaceBook page.  He loves to work in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier and Adobe Illustrator.
Educational or  Inspirational
Unique images can be creative for whatever is your requirement.
Facebook Headers
Greg's Facebook Header Image
In Memory
Lastly we can always add images that help us remember those we have lost.
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