What does Gates of Oregon offer you?
If you do not already have a Domain Name for your website, we will resister your Domain Name so that you own it (unlike many DIY services).  You can use it with Gates of Oregon or anywhere else you wish.
We also put in writing, you own your website (unlike many DIY services).  Once your website is finished and launched on the Internet, we will send you a CD-ROM with your ENTIRE website on it.  You could take your CD-ROM to anyone who knows how to publish/maintain a website and they could use it.  After completion of your website, we hope you allow us to maintain/upgrade your site.  Our goal is to create/publish/maintain your website for you.  BUT you own the website and it's content so you decide.
There are no hidden costs.  We will work with you.  You will know exactly what your upfront, monthly and creation of your website costs will be, as well as your annual renewal costs
Basic Domain Name Cost (very reasonable)
Your Domain Name has an annual fee for its registration with the proper parties.   Currently we are registering first time Domain Names for only $10.19 (at cost billed to your credit card/debit card/PayPal).  Domain Names are currently renewing annually at $13.19  (at cost billed to your credit card/debit card/PayPal). 
Additional Domain Names  (.NET)  (.info)   (.org)    Not required but worth considering

If you really think your BRAND might take off, you might consider protecting it.  Let's say your company/service was named Greatest Business Ever.   If your dot com Domain Name is available, greatest-bussiness-ever.com,, the additional dot info/dot net/dot org Domain Names are usually also available.

IE hypothetical examples of:
greatest-bussiness-ever.info or 
Separately the three additional Domain Names would cost a total of $49.97,   BUT purchased along with the original dot com Domain Name, greatest-bussiness-ever.com, the total would be $42.96 (for registration of all four Domain Names for the FIRST year),    You can secure all four domain names for a year to protect your Brand.    We would build the new website under the dot com Domain Name letting the other three (info/net/org) lay dormant.   If you renew annually, year two, all four would cost $62.96 per year (at cost billed to your credit card/debit card/PayPal).  The p[rice just a few years ago for the same registrations would have been in the hundreds.
Hosting Your Site Cost
The cost of hosting your unlimited size website, utilizing a high quality Internet Service Provider (referred to as your ISP), is only $8.99 per month (at cost billed monthly to your credit card/debit card/PayPal).  If you want a simple shopping cart with up to 20 items, that is an additional $11.99 per month (at cost billed to your credit card/debit card/PayPal).  We charge these services month to month versus all at once up front.
Your Bottom Line costs with Gates of Oregon   (at cost billed to your credit card/debit card/PayPal).
---$ 10.19 for one up to $42.96 for four Domain Name(s) to register year one.  This is a one time charge up front
---$ 8.99 per month for your website hosting.  There is no size limit to the size of your website.
---$11.99 per month additional if you want to add a up to 20 items shopping cart. Large shopping carts are a bit more.
---$???.00  Build you custom website.  We need to talk regarding the Gates of Oregon cost of our work to create/launch/maintain your site.  We will negotiate that costs with you.  We will attempt to make sure it is a fee you can afford.  We will work with you to make it affordable to your budget!  We will put it in writing our commitment as to what we quote.  Remember, your website or shopping cart will not display advertising from outside sources like it may from a DIY.  Our average charge is $500   But we will work with you to make it work for what you can afford.
Custom e-mail
You get custom e-mail included with your monthly web site cost of $8.99.   After reviewing this page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Custom e-mail" link to explain.  The e-mail works much like Microsoft Word.  It is EASY to use!
What does it cost to have a custom website built???
Here are some links to information as to how much a custom website may cost.  
The below listed providers are ALL excellent and quality website designers/providers.
You would not go wrong contracting with any of them.
Gates of Oregon will be SIGNIFICANTLY (really really really significantly) lower than any of the businesses hyper-linked below.  But by doing your research homework, you can get an idea what the going rate (other than us) is to have a custom designed professional website. And why people choose us.
How Much Should a website Cost in 2015
How Much Should Good Web Design Cost?
How Much Does A Small Business Website Cost?
An excellent designer who works with Word Press (reasonably priced)
Branding is an important part of the soul or your business.  It is so important, that we have a separate section our website dedicated to address it.  Click here to review Branding
We can add a Blog to your website for you to utilize/publish.  Word of caution: remember, an unattended/not frequently updated Blog, can be a true negative towards your Branding efforts for your business/service.   So we recommend a first time blogger consider the effort involved to frequently add new material to keep your Blog fresh.  This is just a consideration.  It sounds so great to have a Blog, but they require regular updating and fresh ideas.
If you already are a successful blogger, we can link to your current Blog (to your new website) with no problem to maximize your Brand.  In fact we will take quality time to read over your Blog to understand your current Branding (or get a feel for what your Branding should be).
Customer Information Files/Databases
We can create a Customer Information File (CIF) for your use.  This is a database of your customers.  It can contain names, addresses, e-mail addresses, purchased products/services or whatever information you need to market to your customers and potential customers.  We cab show you how to do this as well as update/maintain for you.  Example: you have a new service/product.  We can use the CIF to market to your known buyers (rather than a generic placement of an ad somewhere).
If you have a question regarding costs, here is an e-mail address
i-have-a-question-costs@gatesoforegon.com copy/paste into your e-mail  
Example above: we can add unique e-mail addresses, that will transparently "forward" to your regular e-mail address Inbox.   That way, you will know which web page/section of your website, the prospective customer was viewing, when they e-mailed.  The e-mail address above will forward to my regaler e-mail address Inbox.
Who is Gates of Oregon???????
Click on this link to see Who-is-gatesoforegon?????
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