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Who is Gates of Oregon?
My name is Gregory (Greg) Gates).  The reason for the mountain in our logo is, we reside in the beautiful state of Oregon.  The mountain in our logo, is a silhouette of stunning Mount Hood (which is visible from around our area).  It is truly breathtaking when you see it for the first time.
I was retired.  after 30+ years of marketing experience, including senior positions at 3 Fortune 100 companies.  With all that behind me, I decided to just get back in the game.  My background includes “branding”, direct, Internet, retail,
creative, product, social media, print, broadcast, copy-writing and tele-marketing.
Over my marketing career, I was always very hands on.  That included marketing Mac/PC technology, but more importantly, learning the process from creative, through production and then launch.  Along the way, I became very good with all the Adobe software products like Premier for video, Photoshop for images, Illustrator for layout and
Dreamweaver for websites.
So I decided to have fun and start creating/building/maintaining PROFESSIONAL, quality, targeted websites at minimal cost to a client.   I wanted to create quality websites, not these DIY (Do It Yourself/FREE) cookie cutter, word processing templates, where the web pages can all look alike.   I design/build/maintain websites at a fraction of the going rates.  I specialize in websites for young professional adults starting their businesses. It is my way of giving back. 

So now I am back in the marketing saddle. I price my services to be reasonable and for some functions/add-ons at no charge. I especially want to mentor young adults when I can. It would be fun to watch them succeed. It is a way of giving back a bit.

Another reason I wish to "give back is that the last 10 years have been difficult personally for our little Oregonian family.  In January 2005 my wife Patti was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. After a horrible and painful battle she passed from this earth in May 2008. There were two kids still at home Devin then 17 and Jessica 19.  Our family business was a victim of the 2007/2008 recession. Then in December 2010 Devin at 19 was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia, given a 50/50 chance at a 6 month survival.  In four years he beat the odds, but in-between forced to endure 3x per week chemotherapy, 26 Lumbar Punctures (spinal taps), 8 bone marrow extracts and daily chemo meds in pill form. His courageous  4 year struggle is documented entered on our FB page under "Greg Gates".  Inspirational reading indeed.  So I am "giving back" so to speak!

Greg's Resume
30 year Marketer

Websites Created
Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions?  copy/paste into your e-mail 

Example above: we can add unique e-mail addresses, that will transparently "forward" to your regular e-mail address inbox.  That way, you will know which web page/section of your website, the prospective customer was viewing,
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Warmest regards,
Greg Gates
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Gregory (Greg) Gates
7083 SW Montauk Circle
Lake Oswego, OR  97035
503-598-1922  Best Phone Contact
503-490-2535  Cell

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